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As India s getting digitalised, it is essential for us to learn more about online transactions via internet banking and other applications. There are many such applications like, BHIM, PayTm, FreeCharge, State Bank “Buddy”, MobiKwik, etc.


These application has not only made our lives easier than before, they have also transformed our way of making payments of our bills across India.

Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” has introduced a new application called as BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money). This application allows users to make online payments using their mobile number/IFSC code/ account number/virtual address. BHIM is definitely a fast, secure and safe payment method.

Moreover, the app is also designed to make payments based on your Aadhar card. It has been developed by National Corporation of India (NPCI).

One unique feature of BHIM is that you can make payments or receive money from accounts which still are not connected to UPI i.e Unified payment interface.

Now, when the application is used by a population of billions, still there are many who are putting their queries forward regarding its payment methods. Hence, we’ll be sharing the methods to shop online or make payments online through BHIM.

Make payments online via BHIM

Step 1 - Now once you have downloaded the application from Google play store or from this link. Tap on “next” and “let’s get started”


Step 2 - You need to verify your mobile number which will be connected to your bank account. Select SIM 1/ SIM 2 and tap on “next”.

Step 3 - Your number will be verified in another 5 to 10 seconds.

Step 4 - Next step is to set a 4 digit passcode or an ATM pin code for your application. Please set a code that you can easily remember.


Step 5 - Again enter the same passcode to confirm.

Step 6 - Now select the bank that is connected to your phone number. There are plenty number of bank account saved with BHIM, for example, State bank of India, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank, Canara Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, etc.


Step 7 - Your bank account number with IFSC code will be saved with the application. Next time you make payment, this will be the account from which you can transact.

Step 8 - Now you’ll be landing on the homepage of the application where, you’ll notice an option as “transfer money” that includes- send, request, and scan & pay.


Step 9 - For making payment online after shopping, you just need to tap on send money, add the shopkeepers mobile number or virtual address, enter amount and pay.


Step 10 -  However, if the shopkeeper does not have BHIM application, just enter his/her account number, IFSC code and you can easily make the payment.

How to use BHIM App to pay bills and shop online

Final words

BHIM application is a new generation app that is taking people by storm. You may or may not a tech savvy person, BHIM can be used by any person of any age. You’ll find the application much simpler than other payment apps. The biggest perk of this application is that to receive or transfer money through BHIM it’s not important for that person to have this application.